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Strongly Agree
My manager provides the support and authority for me to succeed.
My manager encourages different points of view and frequently listens to and incorporates my ideas into our work.
My manager provides valuable feedback and coaching that allows me to improve my performance.
My manager develops a positive team atmosphere.
My manager understands my job well enough to evaluate my performance.
My manager keeps me informed about how well I am meeting my goals/objectives.
My manager appropriately recognizes my efforts and results.
My manager treats all his/her employees fairly.
I would like to recommend the company to a friend seeking employment.
Given the opportunity, I would tell others great things about working here.
It would take a lot for me to leave this company.
I hardly ever think about leaving the company to work somewhere else.
The company inspires me to do my best work every day.
The company motivates me to contribute more than normally required to complete my work.
List your manager's 1 strengths
List your manager's 1 weakness, which strongly impact his performance in his leadership role